06 August 2011

Aspiring Bakers #9 Swiss Rolling Good Times (July 2011) - Most Entries Contributor and Lucky Random Contributor =)

Hello Everyone!
It's me again, pardon me for the long wait in announcing the 2 Swiss roll contributors who will be receiving the gifts i've set out to giveaway at the beginning of the Aspiring Bakers #9 event! Needed to final count/triple-check the entries which was confirmed to be 165 entries (on the 3Aug'11) and was gathering some feedback from the contributors if they would be keen to meet up for a Swiss Roll party!! (bake one of the recipes shared in the 165 entries - let's meet up and sample our bakes, share some tips/ideas or simply your experience while doing it!) If you're keen to join us or know more of the details (date is not confirmed but we can always try to accommodate everyone's schedule by planning ahead/ venue most likely Botanic Gardens - bring your own flask of English Tea!!), do drop me an email at obsessedfoodie@gmail.com =)

Now, back to announcing my hardworking contributors!!

The baker blogger who submitted the most entries for this event is..... *drum roll pls*..... Vivian Pang of Vivian Pang Kitchen!! Thank you Vivian for your contributions of 16 wonderful Swiss Roll entries!!! Pls visit her blog and find those 16 Swiss Rolls posted in July! She will be receiving a lil token of appreciation from me - a Pretty Cupcake Kit =) 

And the lucky baker blogger who is randomly picked from the list of 165 submissions is..... *round of applause pls*..... Wai Fong of Fong's Kitchen Journal (entry 99, who submitted 6 beautifully photographed & journal-ed entries for July as well, thank you!). She will be receiving a small recipe book - Les Petits Plats Coffee-time Treats from me :))


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I had much fun hosting this and i learnt i could do better, as a baker, as a blogger amidst a really challenging month of July (when my personal life was kinda in a topple). I shan't deviate from our baking topic here and the (food) theme of this blog but as my blog represents and archives the preceding chapters of my life... I would like to pen a lil note to myself here, as perhaps when i read back in months to come, i would just smile & not feel that much as i feel right now. -- The art of tango requires 2 to dance, the building of a house requires much trials and patience. If there was a blueprint, it would hv been much easier but most times, i'm not sure if easy is not the best way in achieving wat's best & precious for 2. The essense of union lies not in what you receive but what you can give, and what you can give that is appropriate and needed. Giving in itself holds no meaning if it doesn't mean anything to the receiver or if it's not wat the receiver value. We meet and cross the paths of thousands everyday. What makes a stranger become a friend, or a companion another day, is the unexplainable feeling, that silly thing, not forgetting the misery & hurt and everythin else that adds together, the irony of your choice that you wanna hang on to someone, even if it seems so wrong, you know you just want to do the right thing that sings the tune to your heart and not what you see that is crossed out on the chart.

Troubled waters doesn't take me away. Beating waves tells me i need to be stronger and be calm, remain focused... becoz soon, i'll be afloat again.

I look forward to being back to the kitchen soon and redirect my energy and rediscover the passion i once had. Food. Bake. Love. 


  1. Thanks for the effort of hosting this month event. Looking forward for your loving gift. Thanks again. Have a nice weekend!

  2. wow... can't believe that I can be so lucky! Thanks, Lynn :)

  3. Hi Lynn,

    I just got your gift! Thanks very much. The postman sent it to my place when I was out. Just went down to Post Office to pick it up. The petite treats looks tempting, especially this Nutella truffles... yum!

  4. Guess what? I made these lovely truffles today (recipe from the book)! Thanks again for the gift - love it!