10 May 2011

My Cake Pops!

ps: i'm a lil upset coz tis entry was edited wif captions to enter the Aspiring Bakers #7 – Chocolate Delight (May 2011) hosted by DG from Tested and Tasted. However, when blogger was down for a day last week, all the updates i've made here were gone =( DG was probably the only one who read all the original captions i wrote when i emailed her for submission. Even the recipe link has disappeared now! *boohoo!!

*Breathes in deeply* i'll try to recall/rewrite wat i wrote.
But you & i know it's not gonna be the same =(
Brownies & Cheesecake cake Pops!


Used Redman premix sponge flour for the strawberry cake Pops. No time to self-concoct & bake.

Hand-rolled wif strawberry jam

Top: Redman sponge premix + cocoa powder for mini chocolate cake pops.
Bottom: Brownies, which were the best of the lot!

These are light yellowish, not peachy. It was the morning rays that shone thru the kitchen =)

Miss USA-inspired, or US Navy wannabe? =p

Lazy to coat the strawberry cake Pops, by then the white chocolate also hardened a bit. Hence, i mixed the white melted chocolate + strawberry jam + strawberry essense + a bit of red coloring and twirl 'em at the top.

Assembled for the birthday boy =)

My fave, did i say that oready? Brownie for mr.Brown.

Nuts abt Cheesecake

Mini choc balls wif colored eyelets

Strawberry Delight

Blu cakes? Not often.
(white melted choc mixed wif blu coloring)

Boxed up for Gin's 2nd surprise bday party + another for my Bro's 37th birthday as well. May is busy OH me, oh MY!!!

Gin's '7 May Polling Day' Themed Surprise Party - it was HILARIOUS!!!

Today is your Birthday and i'm grateful for hving you in my life since 13yrs young! =D
Recipes of Brownies & Cheesecake Pops from here.
(As u can see, i didn't follow the original recipe. It's an interesting option in cake-making and i can assure you a very fun time! Do share wif me when you make 'em, i wanna see ur creative designs as well!! Go Poppin' now!!!)

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  1. Hao must be very happy to receive such beautiful cake pops. You made so many variety in flavour & colour. Great job! My favourite here will be all with nuts, ie. Mr Brown & Nuts over cheesecake :)