13 May 2012

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

It's been such a long time i've been away from this site that i've even forgotten my passwords and how to blog a post (functions were changed/updated!). Rusty fingers need some oiling. Anyway, much hv changed and i'm no longer the same person i used to be/who wrote those first entries here. (Sigh. i read back on some of those entries posted here last year and it just didn't feel the same anymore. And most likely not going back into the kitchen anytime soon.) Don't wanna think of it as good or bad, but of growth necessary.

Time to look forward, not look back.
And of coz, start eating happie again (not that i hvn't Lah, looks down at happiebelly :))

Have been to Laurent Bernard at Robertson Quay but didn't know they hv a 2nd branch at Portsdown - i definitely love it here 200x better!

We were just amused there's a bus-stop here, out of nowhere. No excuses to say that you gotta hv a car in order to get to portsdown! =p

Absolutely ideal for a chill-out sat noon :))

Very s.e.r.i.o.u.s abt my orders okay.. Lol.

We also had their iced chocolate drink -- which is to-DIE-for.

Was here to celebrate my childhood fren's birthday (after our beryShiOk lorMee lunch - save that for another post). A year ago, i did this for him :) this year i did bake again (maybe will post up ltr) but i failed terribly. Somewhere somehow, i lost it :(

These days i'd rather save my efforts and spend more quality time with pple, then on my own - in sweat and tears.

And yes, i have never posted my foto on this blog before.
So here's the 1st.
Hello everyone :)