26 May 2011


To achieve the layered flakes, it's using 2 different doughs - water and oil dough.
Tis is water dough.

The all-impt 叉烧 filling.

When i did the 1st 2 (on top left), i thot they looked boring so i tried to pleat a lil. But lookin at the results, i think they look the best! The rest are so uglyyyyyyyyy

Recipe here!
i hv so much to share (i did another chocolatey-thing! for Aspiring bakers but i hv no time to post up *urgh) but it has been a really hectic week at work (i baked these 酥 on 11May'11 - jus for my own 'record' purpose =p)  ... Will surf in agn once the coast is the clear! =)

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