11 May 2011

My Baking Attempt #4 - Red Velvet Cake

This was done on the same nite as the first Ham & Cheese bread i baked. Those who enjoy continuous hours in the kitchen may not like manual bread-making (i.e. not using the bread-maker) as there are bouts of waiting time in between before the eventual product could be served into your mouth. Half-a-day is not too long a wait. I didn't wanna wait around so i decided to bake a cake instead.
I was in California eariler in Jan this year and had my first taste of the true Amercian Red Velvet Cake at the all-popular Cheesecake Factory. It was rich, red & chocolatey-velvety -- something i dun get to eat on an ordinary day in Singapore. And i was missing it.
The first time i had a Red Velvet cake only happened in Oct last year. Two gfs got me out for a belated bday celebration and we hopped into Food for Thought to try out this new place (more on the cafe in future posts) - that was when i had my first bite into the how-come-red-color-one ar? cake.
It was nice, bloody nice =)

Cakes fr The Cheesecake Factory in Orange County. Pardon the bad pic. On left - Reese Peanut Butter Cake (SINFULLY DELISH!!) and on right - Red Velvet Cake (only 2 layers of red, chocolatey sponge cake)

Red Velvet Cake from Food for Thought.
I can't really rem the tastes to tell which is better. All good-looking cakes taste good! Hehee

Here's my personal attempt.

Chilled overnite.

Mascarpone cheese are the main ingredient for the white frosty coat.

I didn't really get the right texture for the frosting, i probably didn't follow 100% from the recipe, i can't rem. Most likely i didn't get all the ingredients in place, not surprising =p
Still, it was fun and all went into our guts!

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  1. Heard lots delicious comments for this cake, however, frankly speaking I never try this before. Yours look fabulous, can see the cake texture quite moist.