16 May 2011


My bro & SIL went to taiwan last mth - my fave city in Asia. I first went Taiwan in 2007. I fell so much in luv wif the city that i went back alone again 5mths later during the same year. I visited HuaLian, got lost in Taichung and partied (solo) in Taipei till i didn't wanna come home on my 2nd trip. That was some years back now. Since then, i took a turn on the compass & targeted towards europe and america instead.

Short trips to thailand - krabi, bangkok, phuket are always easy (hardly exceeding the budget, not requiring any trip planning and you can always be assured of the best food & massages, which are to kill for.. just book & go, a stress-free holiday, truly..) but i never did thot much abt traveling in asia for quite some time now.
Until my SIL mms-ed me tis pic of her tea-time at jiufen (at real-time, simply using her iphone mind you) while they were away. Gosh, i missed 九份... a lot.

Maybe i shld go visit tis year again.
A lot must have changed? Or maybe not.
Not everywhere is like Singapore.

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