11 May 2011

My Baking Attempt #3 - Ham & Cheese Bread

i'm putting up all the stuff i've baked since Feb tis year. There're at least 2 dozen of them. Be patient as i slowly 'showcase' them here. Every single one of them has been an enriching learning experience.
This was my first attempt at bread-making (23Feb'11) - Ham & cheese bread to be precise =)

1st provin'

After 1st provin'

Knead & let the air out, followed by 2nd provin'

After 2nd Provin'

No tomato puree at home, so i used Chilli sauce instead. So singaporean hor? =P

As you can see, amateur baker me hvn't got the proper baking tools. Watever my mom owns suffices!
Top coat wif egg.

Ta-Da! The MESS.
"Leaked source" (sauce).

But it was okie inside. Very okie for me =)

I followed the recipes from here and here.
Happie Baking! =D

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