09 April 2011

1st food post starts wif BREAKFAST! =)

It's scary how my 2011 has arrived in mid-april without hving much accomplished. Life has been smooth-sailing by far and i ain't complainin'. Count your blessings, not wat you not hv, and definitely not the calories -- this much i believe :) 2nd earthquake striked Japan last nite, and then Mexico 2hrs later. I wish God would spare them, the innocent lives and all the sufferings. It always stirs a conflictin' feeling within me that terrible things are going on in corners of tis world while we hv to brush these matters aside in almost split second, in order to move on wif our lives. Such is reality. Those remaining/alive, and the unaffected ones like us should live it up as best as we can, coz we never know how our happiness may be short-lived as well. Never take today for granted for we won't know wat happens tomorrow.

I just managed to fill up the many blanks of this blog site. I know the blogger foto is optional but i thot i should put up something, if not my face then perhaps a pic of my fave meal. No one would be keen to know how i look like, unless i'm any bit close to porcelain-faced fann wong (who is alrdy 40, how we hate that irritating woman!!), carry a fann-tabulous figure (taking her as the benchmark agn) or hv any sex-goddess traits, which i can only pray to inherit in my next lifetime.

The year started wif a few intended changes, not much but still, others observed. Cutting down time on unnecessary socializing (sometimes less chatting is more), the usual mindless activities (only i knw wat they are), doing/learnin' more (new) things like yoga, home-baking.. and spending more time with myself. Trying to save any bit of money for my future-housing fund would be a new project i hvn't got started. i hate all finance-related matters, be it at work or personal. But avoidance is never a good thing. i'll get to it someday. The idea of this blog did come at about the rite time. I didn't make any grand plans/goals for this year (like i would when i was younger), i was kinda hoping that things will jus be metamorphic (which they usually are) and tt i'll just ride along the waves, watever that comes. I know tis attitude isn't good for myself, i should be more proactive and take control of my life's bearings.. but well, i'm a lazy person, life gets tiring on most days, i'll just take watever tt comes with me. Includin' the new suggestion at work for another dept transfer. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

i'll leave that topic for later. When the fruit is ready to be harvested.

Thinking back on how the year has started - 2011. And the theme of this blog. I remembered starting 2011, 1st Jan in the home of L & D, Orange County. I suppose for someone like me, who loves to self-indulge in thyself in thy own words and fotos, this blog will provide another avenue for me to reflect back on my past deeds, the done & dusted. We are always moving ahead and thinking of wat's next, wat's more to come. In that, we lose ourselves sometimes, and forget the past we once had. The feelings and our perspections towards everything and everyone ard us at tt point in time. So if this blog serves no one at all, i knw i'll be my own number#1 fan. Yeah =p 

Was jus browsing thru the pics of my Dec'10/Jan'11 trip to California/Minnesota (which somewat seemed like a very long time ago, could i hv been doing too much in between time from then & now?), and thot of using the first meal of this year as my profile pic. How apt. It'll remind me the start of this new year and the beginning of this new blog, which i hope will be a new activity i grow to love more in days to come. Of coz i'm pretty sure i'll be changing my profile pic as i often do on facebook, everytime i see a new foto nicer than the old one. Women + libran = very fickle.
The morning of 1st Jan 2011, in Orange County (the lil creek behind L&D's lovely home). I woke up and went for a jog/walk alone while L & D were still sleeping. I tried to jog but the cold was too bloody for my ears. I was thankful to know L on this trip & all his sharing. Before i left and ventured to Minnesota for the 2nd leg of my trip, he gave me his red hood wif ear covers, which to me, was a very nice & warm gift.

I wish to visit them again someday and do Vegas together.
And maybe Mexico too, as D suggested.
L driving us for brekkie. We didn't hv anywhere/food in mind, just driving mindlessly and we chanced upon the most interesting breakfast place! We were very delighted and am sure will never forget this chanced find.
Even L & D haven't been here before, when it's barely a 10mins drive fr their home! A Bikers' bar - L & D were telling me not to be deceived by the grunge Harley Davidson look of their patrons - black leather, goatees, chains & all. They are probably directors, lawyers, top accountants, etc fr the district.. coz it was early 10am on New Year's day (the drunks shld still be asleep!) and of coz, we were in OC. The finer side of california for the very fine people.

It got me all excited in the morning of 1st Jan.

Inside, nothing like your typical family breakfast joint.

Black leather jacket, early in the morning.
Hispanic crew
we dun hv this in Singapore - Half & half.
Rocker didn't party on New Year's Eve? Up so early?
Anyway, we didn't party on new year's eve either. I was totally knocked out by 11pm the nite before, if i didn't rem wrongly. We spent much of 31st Dec'10 in LA (did the touristy Grand tour, hollywood & all).. and becoz of the time diff (+ jetlag), it didn't feel like NYE to me, knowing that it was already 1st Jan in Singapore.

My heart lies home =) 

Anyway, weeks before while we were planning for my trip to OC, D did suggest spending NYE at TOA, some hardcore top DJs spinning at some kickass MEGA streetdance party. I was okie with the idea, not totally keen but still curious abt the fun. Afterall, it's LA! No matter wat, i thot age was catching up, not many years for me to fit into the nite scene anymore. But as it turns out, the lazy got the better of us, we ended up nua-ing the nite away. We didn't get the tickets nor the intended hotel room in LA prior to me flying over. Me crawled under covers b4 the clock striked 12 in OC. Wanted to pop the champagne by their electric fireplace but that didn't even happen in lala land =p
The All-American breakfast, in american-sized portions! The way i like it! =D sibei shiok!
Good O'fashioned pancakes! Seeing this makes me happie already! Like mummies looking at their babies!
Luv their gravy (on biscuits). D & i also fell in luv wif the Chicken & biscuits from The Cheesecake Factory that i/we had it twice on tis trip, my first meal in OC and agn on our last dinner together in SFO. D loved the peas (healthy green feel), while i was truly mesmerized by their combi of country gravy over the shortcake biscuits. i like soggy food. NO. i LOVE soggy food (+ saltish chick taste). It's not a fancy dish, just a basic chicken meal & i like it simple as that. 
Crisp bacon

(*ps: In contrast, i had lor mee for breakfast tis morning =D)

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