09 April 2011

J cooks!

Best thing to happen on a friday nite is to be invited to a pal's place for home-cooked food! Last nite our fren, J cooks for us again! He's a really good cook i tell u. i'm not saying tis becoz i get to eat free food but tis chap really does good in the kitchen and has passion in delivering the best on the table. And tis is just one of his many talents.   

Quite a last-min arranged gathering but still, J cooked up a really awesome chicken soupy dish. Don't ask me wat tis is, he said it's kinda like drunken chicken. Yet to me, it's kinda like steamed chicken in sweet soup, not quite sure how to describe it. i'm asking him for the recipe and if he does provide, i shall post it up here. He did mention using 3 types of wine. And no, none of us got drunk =p

He used the leftover broth and threw in some peas & potatoes. He did offer but we didn't try tis (coz we had plenty of other food) -- potent mix wif chicken feet, neck & i wonder if there's chicken backside too?

Chef J

Oh, i'm still thinkin abt tis, almost 22hrs later...

E & Cw bought us sushi... we need carbs! Definitely need carbs!

Jw prepared jap-inspired cold tofu, which was another delight! We all loved the warafu sauce - get the one wif the baby figure brand.

J & beloved went to HK over the weekend and so we had one of the best eggtarts available. Bonus.

Cookies from HK

We adjourned to LICK (opened by our very young fren, Fernie) for some ice-cream! i was so craving for some durian ice-cream and luckily she has 猫山王 flavour available!

Experimenting 猫山王 ice-cream + eggtart, hehee.. J said it killed the eggtart. i know but it's a nice new way to eat it too =}

That was as much as we could consume for the nite.
i went to dig out some old pics of J's produce since i'm writing abt J here. He and his reputable tiramisu. I know he makes these for fun, sometimes too much that he lelongs it on fb. If only he would open up a shop or platform of sorts to sell his tiramisu, i'm quite sure it'll be a hit wif everyone. 

He made tis cherry crumble too! So SMART rite!! It tastes even better than it looks! Last nite E was still tokin abt it... =D must hv been deeply imprint fr the last makan session.

Tis is J, featured on Sunday Times last year.
Sharing his tiramisu recipe of coz =)

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  1. Thank you babe! You're too kind. Just doing what I can and thankfully it turns out well.
    I'm still waiting for your baking lessons. Let's experiment and learn together!