12 April 2011

The Indeliable Breakfast Set in Copenhagen

(Departing Karlskrona, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark - 19 Feb 2011) 
Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. It's hard to apply tis principle to my daily diet but i definitely can concur on the breakfast bit. I savour my breakfast hours when i do have the luxury of time, usually on the rare saturdays if i bother to rise and shine on time. With a typical urban lifestyle, breakfast is often a carbo-loaded stuffed bread, down wif high-energy/lactose or glucose-filled hot beverage. Nothing from the doctor's recommended list of fresh fruits or healthy oats. If you are from asia, you will understand that breakfast are meant to be hot, not cold. Stir-fry or oil-coated dishes are nothing exceptional. G, my aussie mate came to visit me in recent Feb. We had a great time at a Hongkong-style dimsum place for some yumcha breakfast, discussing abt our daily meals and the various cuisines we enjoy (she currently resides in London & me in Singapore). She commented that she would be lucky if she was able to have one(1) hot meal a day. That to me, was hard to fathom. Becoz i hardly consider cold food as a proper meal. Even my salad lunch would be huge and slightly warm, laden wif some freshly-grilled chicken. Orite, sometimes i do hv cold cuts or tuna, then again they aren't really cold like cornflakes floating in milk or biscuits wif yogurt/cheeze. 

Having a proper sit-down breakfast appears as an elaborated affair for me, in Singapore. That would encompass lobbying for suggestions, checkin reviews on good food (nice ambience must be considered) and hving a great companion for a positively-charged conversation early in the morning. Usually i forgo the company. My books or even fiddling my iphone would provide more destressing effects than anything. These hours are always intended, pleasurable and mind free from thots (often an airhead in the morning).
I am a breakfast person.   

Thot i should share wif everyone the most memorable breakfast i've ever had to-date. Indeliable from my memory. The only thing missing then was a good companion at the table.
Regrets i have a few...

3hrs Train ride to Copenhagen. He was damn brave. It was damn cold.  

Told u it was very very VERY cold.


Budget + chic. Great Location. Comfortable stay.

Tivoli was closed becoz of the snow. So i must return again =)

Each time i'm in europe, i must have my Danish waffles. How can i not eat them while i'm here?
Looks at Danish babe, Danish tart, Danish babe, Danish tart. All the pretty things.

Read all abt Nimb =) Hope i can dine in their Brasserie if i'm ever back in Copenhagen smday.
Turkish lunch. Was absolutely famished and didn't think much abt where/wat to eat. Just hopped into a turkish joint that has a lovely window looking out to the streets, while i study the city map. My first meal in Copenhagen i think. Perhaps it was the singaporean in me -- but the chilli oil was sibei good man

The Spine of the City in Summer

My version - The Spine of the City in Winter

A pity i couldn't get a seat at The Royal Cafe =( but still managed to walk all the way in to take a peek and steal a moment in the sweet alluring atmosphere. i know i could hv just bought a cake/tart to-go but i also jus started my city walk. Hence i went without, not wanting to walk ard wif a disintegrating cake. Not quite the rightful way to treat a cake. There will be next time, i hope. 
Zoomin' into my neighbour's table, haha

i want a wall like tis when i get my own pad. Of all my travel pics, less the victorian frames.

was just reading on the city guide
Couldn't understand a word fr the whole list. Got the waitress to decide wat's best for me. And she sure made the right choice. (Right pic - Waif-looking/Kate Moss-alike waitress)
Sorrie if i kept you waiting. This is 'The Indeliable Breakfast Set in Copenhagen'.

Hving the best meal on the trip as the world past me by
You were missed.

Fast fwd, my last meal in Copenhagen. Also breakfast, before my flight to Belgrade at the airport.
Not as delish but still wiped out totally.

Nice CPH airport

Just a random foto from my 3days in CPH to end tis post. Found these on the seats of the train enroute to the airport. Pleased to see the heart-shape imprints on the coins, and to come as a pair.
Finders Keepers =)
Restin' on my leather-gloved hands.

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