18 April 2011

Kim Jio

A fren has been badgering me for a banana bake. I did try to bake a banana bread (for her) last week (wif wholemeal flour) but it didn't really turn out the way i want it, hence i didn't offer her any (neither was she aware tt i did bother to try). A few days back she smsed me agn for a banana cake. i ignored her sms.

How persistent can she be?

Anyway, i was just surfing the website for a good banana cake recipe (i shall attempt to bake tis thursday before meeting her on friday, yeah! PH!) and chanced upon tis... which i thot was pretty heart-warming.
"Banana cake is an easy enough thing to bake, but recreating the one your mom-in-law used to make just the way your husband remembers it really is a daunting undertaking, especially if you’ve never actually had the chance to taste the original. It’s like trying to recreate someone else’s experience of falling in love for the first time. It just isn’t something that a person in her right mind would attempt."

Wish me luck wif my kim jio attempt tis thursday nite! 

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