28 April 2011

Por Kee!

Unplanned Good Friday dinner @ Por Kee.
We went to 40 Hands for lunch last friday and past by Por Kee. K, who was driving us along tiong bahru commented how she loves the food there (as we drove past it) and it's to be enjoyed wif a group of 'hungry ghosts'.
Incidentally, we had enuff pple to form that group and coincidentally, we were always hungry. Despite lunch at 40 Hands (same area jus 2 streets away) + tea time at Jones the Grocer, Dempsey (save another entry for tt another day), we agreed to come back here for dinner, like.. just 5hrs ltr.
Makan - we won't miss =p 

@Blk 69, for my overseas frens who doesn't know how a typical street restaurant look like.

Live Seafood by weight

Typical chinese settings inside, heng it's air-conditioned although many others were 'parked' to eat al fresco outside. Not very fun if the weather is humid & high on temperature. Not certain if this is a hokkien or cantonese restaurant coz all their servers seems to be speaking cantonese.

"Milk white" veg

Their famous homemade (i think) beancurd, very good.

Another hot pick - champagne pork ribs!

Fave dish to order in such restaurants, they are good here too - Fried Cereals Prawns.

Salt & pepper chicken, you can tell how good a chinese restaurant is by their chicken. This is definitely a good choice. Crispy and juicy!

Better to make a reservation! We were happie diners!
or Hungry Ghosts? =p

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