10 April 2011

An afternoon in Novi Sad

i was fortunate to visit my fren, B in Novi Sad last year. i am probably one of the very few singaporeans who hv been to that part of eastern europe, i think. Never have i thot i would travel to Serbia one day. It remains as one of the most special destination i've ever been. And i would like to blog more abt tis trip i took in Feb'10 here, so as to share the unique sights and wonderful experience i had while i was there for 5days.

B & i took a walk in a park before we hunt down a place for lunch.
(Will show pics of the park if anyone has any interest in it)

Needed to pass by an old market to get to the other side of town.
The grey of the market reminded me of old, wet markets in singapore in the early 70s/80s.

it was a pleasant experience for me to walk thru their local market =)

B says tis is - "Firewater" as the Indians would say, made of grapes!

i took more pics of their local veg/produce but i shan't put them all up here.

locals buy/sell

Found the restaurant recommended by B's fren
(*Update: I asked B and she says tis restaurant is called 'Fish and zeleniš', meaning fish and green stuff. Located at Skerliceva st. no 2. Share wif me ur review if you do dine there =D)

Lovely interior

If you understand the economy of Serbia, you will know who are the ones lunching late at noon. The kitchen of this restaurant is the shop across the tiny street.
Nice memorable fotos on the wall
Tis seemed like a very old picture of tis restaurant from the past decade. i'm not sure. Or maybe photoshop-ed.

she had sparkling, i prefer mineral.

Prices in Serbian Dinar

One of the best meals we had together on tis trip =)

Fried Calamari
Sausage + Stirfry Veg

Seafood Risotto
Complimentary apple slices drizzled wif honey

The restaurant's kitchen across the dining area
very neat =D
The sky turned dark after lunch but we still went ahead to see the fortress.
More of Novi Sad & Belgrade in future entries, i promise.

I met B while i was traveling alone in Italy for 2 weeks in 2009. She was also traveling solo and we bumped into each other in one of the squares (Florence) after a daytour (cycling in Tuscany!) we had booked ourselves eariler on tt day. We kept in touch after spending a lovely dinner together and became frens thenafter. We are still in touch till tis day and in fact, if we have our ways, we should be traveling together again tis Oct! We are keeping our fingers crossed and trying to keep our pockets full.

A Singaporean & a Serbian -- our friendship has been one of the odds in my life. And i'm grateful for that.


  1. How lovely!
    This is the city I was born in...I have have a very soft spot for Novi Sad.

  2. Hi Radmila, yes it was a nice city and a very interesting experience for me, coming from asia. Will put up more pics of Novi Sad & Belgrade in time to come =)

  3. Hey! I have only now seen this! :) oh, so many nice memories...so now you have a new follower who is here to support you in pursuing your passion! 8)