18 April 2011

My Baking Attempt #24 - Chocolate Mud Cake (ver.2)

(Fast fwd - Baking Attempt#24. Will fill up the missing numbers/attempts in between when i hv the time =p)
Following from prev entry, i attempted to do another Chocolate Mud cake using a different recipe from this fellow blogger. This recipe requires more water and i changed the ingredients used for the chocolate granache. Instead of marshmallows, i mixed a bar of 250gm cooking chocolate + a can of heavy cream, stirred over boiling water. Will save her marshmallow idea for nxt time.

This is not as dense/chocolatey as my 1st attempt due to its high 'liquid' content. I think tis works well as a nice, moist chocolate cake but not as a chocolate MUD cake which i would expect more hardcore/higher chocolate content.

opps, here comes the Volcano crater =p was hving some problems wif my oven temperature tt i keep opening the oven. tsktsk.

the thick of it is still okie. *phew

One for V

The rest for Jo and back-up for W's bday cake (which i had a really challenging time trying to do the icing for the cake), more on W's bday cake soon.

Can't wait to knock off work on a monday!
i'm going to Phoon Huat tonite!! (no one believes tt i've never been to Phoon Huat hving attempted 25 different recipes in 2mths!!) i hope i dun burn a hole in my pocket later =p

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