30 April 2011

London (Dec 2008)

Cinnamon Rolls in London.
Tis is a very random post, was (as usual) viewing my past travel pics and looked back into tis album - my first ever trip to London. Met up with J & G then and left my mom in the hotel to recover from jetlag. It was a cold, winter nite in Dec and the first thing i ate out wif them was these cinnamon rolls. J said it was a must. True enuff it was really nice, hot and moist, sugary and kept us high, on a cold, cold winter nite =) Can't rem exactly where we were but definitely in the heat of the town.
These were sprouting all over Singapore CBD as well, just 2-3yrs back but i think they hv since closed huh. Too pricey for our lil island? 
Little Britain!
Typical hotel breakfast. Not your asian international spread. Works fine for the 1st couple of days, but by the end of 2 weeks.. i feared breakfast and the bread monsters.
Bakeries along Oxford street. Nearing Xmas then.

Of coz, everyone must visit Harrods.

Harrods by nite. Lovely as can be.

Prince William & Kate Middleton just got married yesterday.
Her grown was elegant as can be.
And may they live happily ever after =)

I have since visited London twice and it's always a good experience. Not sure when my 3rd visit will be, and when it comes, i definitely must try to find my seat into Jamie Oliver's restaurant + the many talked abt eateries.. i drool over while reading fr other pple's blogs =p
Fast fwd, to Paris via Eurostar.

Breakfast in Paris. Croissants, croissants, croissants.

No time for such breakfasts in Singapore. These leisure hours are greatly missed.
This was also my last trip out wif mom. i know i sigh great relief whenever she goes traveling on her own wif her frens and me on my own adventures, but i also wish we'll make some good trips out together again, plus Dad and everyone else in the family.

Randomlyn - "crime scene" at Paris 3*star Hotel
No one bothered the evidence of crime, for a long long time.
Seriously, no one cared.

Beehoon Mee

The perfect breakfast for a relac saturday.
Typical fried beehoon mee + stirfry veg and simply, 2 fried chicken wings as ur delightful accompaniment to get ur weekend flyinggg... =)
Not forgeting, the shiokshiok spicy sweet chilli sauce. Can't eat w/o it!

28 April 2011

Por Kee!

Unplanned Good Friday dinner @ Por Kee.
We went to 40 Hands for lunch last friday and past by Por Kee. K, who was driving us along tiong bahru commented how she loves the food there (as we drove past it) and it's to be enjoyed wif a group of 'hungry ghosts'.
Incidentally, we had enuff pple to form that group and coincidentally, we were always hungry. Despite lunch at 40 Hands (same area jus 2 streets away) + tea time at Jones the Grocer, Dempsey (save another entry for tt another day), we agreed to come back here for dinner, like.. just 5hrs ltr.
Makan - we won't miss =p 

@Blk 69, for my overseas frens who doesn't know how a typical street restaurant look like.

Live Seafood by weight

Typical chinese settings inside, heng it's air-conditioned although many others were 'parked' to eat al fresco outside. Not very fun if the weather is humid & high on temperature. Not certain if this is a hokkien or cantonese restaurant coz all their servers seems to be speaking cantonese.

"Milk white" veg

Their famous homemade (i think) beancurd, very good.

Another hot pick - champagne pork ribs!

Fave dish to order in such restaurants, they are good here too - Fried Cereals Prawns.

Salt & pepper chicken, you can tell how good a chinese restaurant is by their chicken. This is definitely a good choice. Crispy and juicy!

Better to make a reservation! We were happie diners!
or Hungry Ghosts? =p

26 April 2011

Keiko Ishida

Leisure browsin' during lunch today... and... 大好き!
20% discount from MPH!!! Yippee!! =D

24 April 2011

40 Hands

{Good Friday, 22 April 2011. Silly P was so proud she took tis pic. Chey!}
Tis will be a focus-on-fotos entry. It's late, been a long, tiring weekend and i'm dying to get to bed now. There are backlogs of food places i wanna share but hvn't got time to post them up. The thot of that made me wanna just post tis up 1st, instead of throwin' it into the overloaded "to-blog-about" folder of pics. Let me get out at least one of the 3 good food places i've been fr tis long weekend. The other 2 will have to wait.

The other reasons are
(1) i've been dying to go to 40 Hands for the longest time, just didn't hv the time. And when we managed to hook each other up together on Good Friday (finally), we had a really awesome lunch there! My first and definitely won't be the last! =)
(2) The food there is really veryvery good, and reminded us of being in australia, not sure why (then). (Ltr i knew why) i'll excuse myself tonite and won't be able to fill you in as to how good their food is. But they are just good LAH!~
(3) Today (just 2days after my first visit there) i was flippin' thru a food magazine fr the racks at the yoga place and there happen to be a review abt the coffee they brew at 40 Hands! Wat a good reminder, the more i shld quickly post tis up before it's tucked under the pile & forgotten again!
haha, E.

Hot buns make me horny. i like honesty.

Silly P. hahaa

Must go opposite to try the Hainanese Curry Rice someday!
Snapped fr the magazine i read today

The Boss

There will be tons of changes for me in the new work week. Before i think abt them, let me think about my sleep!