07 April 2011

Hello, blog world =)

So here's my very 1st entry =) and if you're reading tis, thank you for surfing by. It'll take sometime before i get everything i wish for tis space of mine to be up and running (or strolling?) -- much-inspired after reading hundreds of food-themed blogs, home bakers, food reviews, blog-paid recommendations on eateries, sights & smells around the world...

I'm starting tis blog only becoz i feel like sharing my life-long obsession on food wif anyone & everyone around the world, just like i had received fr those who have kept their blogs as earnest and exciting as our imaginations can take us as we read. I'm in no way a good food critic as i'm an easy eater, so obsessed wif food and the act of eating i have low standards when it comes to putting stuff into my mouth (strictly edibles!) which is both a good & a bad thing (tt could be further discussed here as time goes). So tis blog is not meant to critic any food/eateries/recipes but simply throwing out wat i've been consuming, consumed and desire to consume =)

I welcome comments and discussions (pls be nice =)), even questions if i may help in any way.

They say one can only be truly happie if they have someone to share that happiness with. So here, i hope i can share with you the things that makes me happie =)

This is only the beginning...

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