15 April 2011

My Baking Attempt #2 - Chocolate Mud Cake

(Pic taken by H. Feb'11.)
V asked me to bake him a Chocolate Mud Cake in feb, i did but due to 'logistics' reasons, i didn't manage to deliver it into his guts. Frens staying around my area got to enjoy it instead. Funni.
I'll be meeting him for lunch tmr so i thot i should bake him the promised cake tonite (and return him his good book), using a different recipe from the last. As i was sourcing to try another Chocolate Mud Cake recipe, i thot i shld post up the one i first tried my hands in (18 Feb'11). 
Recipe from here. It's a good one =)

Spreading the love...

Topped wif choc bits, broken fr cookin choc.

Cut into pieces to giveaway.. individually topped wif choc stick.

Into the plastic container, i hope they all recycled it. I cannot imagine all the damage we are doing to the ozone layer/mother earth due to our use of plastics *sigh

Becoz it was in Feb and tis is the lunar year of the Rabbit... =p

I'm trying another recipe that requires slightly different ingredients tonite (hot water??) for Chocolate Mud cake. Success or failure, i'll update it here.
Wish me luck!
&, TGIF!

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