13 April 2011

My 1st Serbian Meal (and it's home-cooked!)

(My flight from Copenhagen to Belgrade via Jat Airways)
Continuing fr my previous entry, i flew into Belgrade on 21Feb 2010 and took a pte car transfer (which B had arranged for me prior. Can't rem how long, probably an hr's ride) to get to Novi Sad where i stayed 5days at B's. 

My 1st sight(s) of Serbia
Belgrade Airport

The weather was really good when i arrived, B did mention the dark clouds came after i left, haha =) Considering that i took tis while in a moving cab, i think tis is quite a gd pic of the glorious sun. If only i could capture the streaks of rays. 


well on my way =D
Young cabby said tis is a University or smthing

Why are we here?
Becoz the cabby wants to pick up his MOTHER along the way!! Unbelievable! But i'm orite wif that lah. I can't say no, can i? =) Spot Mom on right!

His mom was telling me he doesn't work hard enuff and is not married yet, still stayin wif her! Hahaa.. we managed to converse despite the broken english.
Driving across the bridge and cabby pointed to me the Fortress -- where they hold their annual music festival which rocked the fortress down. B commented tis on my fb then - "it's a weird combination of an old place and modern beats :) you can hear them rolling over the river all the way to the city, disturbing those who prefer to sleep. Right, the organisers bring a few big names every year like Billy Idol, Prodigy, Sex Pistols, Moby, Manu Chao... but the real party often happens unexpectedly at one of a number of smaller stages... :)"
(Left) Flats in Serbia, very similar to (right) flats in Singapore in the 70s/80s

HBD flats in Singapore today
Welcome snacks fr B, she made those choc cookies!

On my way to B's parents' home. One of the many different types of churches i've seen.

Very serene

My 1st Serbian Meal -- Home-cooked soup by B's mom.

Fantastic meatballs + Veg + Mashed Potatoe + Fresh Bread + Home-brewed White Wine!

B's mom made apple cakes for desserts! Serbian-style, i like! Apple-jammed between the sponge cake.

Other than home-brewed wine, B's dad also home-smoked sausages/meat! I love them so much i finished everything by the time i left Novi Sad. Still drooling as i think abt them now =p i ate it sandwiched wif bread & cheeze + a special tomato sauce made by B's mom for breakfast every morning.
Pics of our breakfast & other meals together nxt time.

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