31 May 2011

65°C Chocolate Wassant for the Aspiring Bakers#7 =)

It has been a really busy time for me the past 2 weeks that i hvn't really got the time to sit down and write, it's easier to jus post up fotos of wat i've done. Plus the fact that i couldn't upload my fotos at home (server rejected?? all the time fr blogger &^%$#@), i can only upload illegally at work (now), so no time to share my experience in baking these. Sorrie =( And i didn't realize it's the last day of May today already!! HURRY HURRY CURRY!! I need to email tis out to DG soon!!
65°C TangZhong

To prove


Not quite successful wif the chocolate block coz i forgot the all-impt step of heatin/stirrin it up b4 chillin'!!

i followed the recipe from here!

I'm submitting tis to Aspiring Bakers #7 – Chocolate Delight (May 2011) hosted by DG from Tested and Tasted! This is my 3rd entry! 1st and 2nd entries are here and here! I still hv a few more chocolatey stuff i did! I hope i can finish posting them all by today!! =}

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  1. Hahahaha you no need to worry, the event still open until tonite 12.00am, take your time to post & submit :D Btw, I bookmarked this recipe too, but still don't have the courage yet. Yours look good & yummy. Well done!