04 May 2011

for my best bud named Ginger

For the best-est fren any ger can possibly hv in tis world!
(*updates of pics & recipe + the wonderful dinner we had at Cocotte/Wanderlust hotel last nite when i can. In the office rite now, so tis is an illegal posting!! =p)

*Updated 10May'11: Recipe link & more pics of the 'ginger' cake. Wanted to review re Cocotte too but i'll save that for another entry coz tis is yet another illegal posting! 
The buddy not everyone can have! My pal since 13yrs young! And that's a longlong time ago =)

Her fave cake is Cedele's Carrot cake, hence i baked her tis. A SURPRISE!!

Recipe from here, but i substituted the pecans wif walnuts instead.

Before baking

Happie Birthday my goddaughter's mother, my classmate-who-sits-next-to-me-in-Sec3/4-and-we-still-wrote-daily-letters-then, my most caring/loving bud wif the warmest heart ♥ whom i can share life stories aplenty regardless of how different our life course runs, my oldest pal who has always been around smwhere/smhow, and most of all, the best-est fren any girl could possibly hv!

I L♥ VE YOU!! =)

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