31 May 2011

Chocolate-coated Cheesecake Alphabets for the Aspiring Bakers#7 =)

Cheesecake Recipe from here, instead of digestive biscuits as base crust, i used oreo cookies instead.
Chocolate Granche to cover the letterings -- 200gm cooking chocolate melted with 1 can of heavy cream.

creases came fr the underlining patchment paper, urgh.

also need 'blueprint' okie? =p

cheesecake words were perspiring (but not melting), so was i.

i couldn't possibly serve tis like dat, even tho' the birthday boy loved the original new york cheesecake plain as it is. This cake was meant as a surprise/highlight for the surprise birthday party which his wifey secretly arranged. i love being part of a secret mission!!! =)

Cocoa powder sprinkled over.. and placed the 3D chocolate-coated cheesecake letterings over. i underestimated the width of the cake (amateur baker who failed maths) so i had to squeeze them together (couldn't place in straight horizontal line) & had the sides 'fallin-out' a lil... but i thot it made it look more fun in the end =) 

the thick of it, the whole cake was damn heavy -- 2kg?

took me an hour to alternate the daisies & sunnies in my set color sequence.. i so wish i could work faster!! Needs practice!!

my cheapskate birthday banner, makeshift cutting knife (jus an ordinary plastic knife lah) and $2 candles fr Daiso (we all love!)

The best pic of the cake (imho). Nothin beats a picture of the cake wif the birthday boy himself + wifey. We had a fabulous time at the Scarlet hotel!!
Happie 40th Birthday, David! 

I'm submitting tis to Aspiring Bakers #7 – Chocolate Delight (May 2011) hosted by DG from Tested and Tasted!
This is my 4th entry! 1st, 2nd & 3rd entries are here, here and here!
i do have more stuff baked wif chocolate tis mth, but sadly i dun think i hv anymore time to upload them, i need to get back to work already! Can't wait for nxt mth's theme! =) Till then, everyone! 
 Have a great June Summer! 

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  1. Great cakes! Like to see the Giant name on top the cake, looks really special! Your friends are very lucky to have you, that you always presented them with surprising cake!