01 June 2011

Pannekoeken in Minnesota

i've been trying to upload my fotos onto tis blog a dozen times at home but to no avail. And becoz of that, i couldn't upload more chocolate bakes to submit to the Aspiring Bakers group =( boohoo! Read my last entry and u'll understand wat's it about. (Un)regretably, at least i managed to submit 4 entries still =p Cannot complaint already lah! ^_^

Anyway, i jus wanted to post up some random pics of my trip to Minnesota in January tis year. I was there for a few days to visit a fren & more importantly, the most admirable Mayo Clinic. It was an enriching experience to say the least. I'm neither a doctor nor a nurse, even so, this haven of care has changed my perspectives towards life and work in more ways than one. I actually decided to make a trip there becoz/after i read tis book -

Some pple think i'm out of my mind to want to go all the way to Minnesota (from sunny singapore!) to see the Mayo Clinic for no good reason/returns.
But hey, we only live once. Better to be out of your mind than to be forever confined in one =) 

if you need to know, tis is my name ^_^

so cold it's blue... rather, i turned blue... tis is daytime, like -10degs.. NEGATIVE TEN okie!!!

i kinda miss the cold... and the beauty of white...

we decided to have lunch... something not-american.

that's my fren, Chin... she brought me to tis Mediterranean food-joint =)

Hving our lil quiet time catching up on life (tucked in tis corner of the cafe) when we were apart in the last couple of years... glad i made tis trip for abit of bonding and sharing time. Every girl needs to spend time with their girlfriends.


Tis is in fahrenheit, which equals to -7degs celsius... Bbbbrrrrrr.. i can take cold quite well but tis was really very cold in the sunny afternoon!! i'm planning for europe tis Oct and my fren's Brit husband teased and said, wouldn't it be too warm for Lynn in Oct?

Just outside Chin's house... beautiful.

my fave one - standing in the middle of the street, just outside Chin's house. The natural shade of sunset.

Tis entry can't go without food!
Just wanted to share tis wif you (whoever's reading), Chin brought me to eat this new thing (for me) called the Pannekoeken! It is a dutch pancake and makes a totally fabulous breakfast delight. If you hv read my blog from the very beginning, you will know I DIG INTO BREAKFASTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, read more abt Pannekoeken here. They call it the puff pancake. Interesting.

They served water in tis. I asked Chin, is it supposed to come with a (screw-on) cap? *hurhur

sweet or savoury

Totally *DELIGHTFUL*.. crisp bits on the outside, thick, fluff on the inside + sugary & some sour fr the blueberries.. it's like something you know and yet something you never tried before. i'm sorrie, i'm just so lousy at describing the taste for food!! =p

i told you tis entry will be random. So i'll randomly show you the other highlight of the trip. For those of you who have seen tis famous youtube clip before, you cannot imagine how happie/excited/touched i was when i got to sit down on the same piano seat.
Pple do play voluntarily, and usually they are the ones who can play very well. They say, music is a healer.
I can't agree more.

i bought the Diet book, which i didn't even flip to the 3rd page till today *&^%$#@!!, i should have bought their cookbook instead lah!! Diet simi?? Everyday still eat, eat, EAT so much!!! *urgh*AngryWifSelf*

I was on a (self) audio-art-tour.. decided to take a break and hv myself an ice-cream *slurp* even in O'mighty Cold weather.

Pumpkin Ice-cream!!! Special huh

see that pair of legs in the storeroom? even their staff who's taking-5 is enjoying a cone of their own ice-cream.. sweet contentment =)

More (random) food from my trips next time~

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