27 June 2011

Chocolate Danish for the Aspiring Bakers#8 =)



for fillings, it's entirely up to you! i didn't follow the intended recipe. i added my own cooking chocolate bits and lots of almond slices. i reckon you can add nuts, raisin, savoury fillings, etc, watever you like lah! =)

roll along the length till the end

I'm submitting this (3rd entry) to the Aspiring Bakers #8 for June 2011 =)
I've been really busy this mth due to new dept transfer, i hvn't got the time to type out the following recipe, i hope i can find the time before end of June to do it. (oh no, i still hv more bread attempts to post-up!) Till i get to it!

This recipe is from Martha Stewart's baking book, somehow i can't find it on the internet. Hope someone can help me!! Otherwise, jus double click on the pictures, you can read the recipe fr its enlarged form. Apologies in advance!


  1. Danish pastry ... really need lots of patient to do that. And have to be very careful when you folding the dough, wrong step, no layer. Good on you that you succesfully did it :) Btw, how long that you spent the time to do this?

  2. one full day, jus on the dough.. i freezed it and set another day for the fillings & baking.. it's terribly time-consuming but the satisfaction fr the layered butter will melt ur heart =) Go try, DG, u can one!!

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  4. Your blog about Danish food is really awesome. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us .I like Danish cuisine food very much and i have tried many Danish recipes which i got from youtube and many other website. I like visiting Danish restaurants in weekend.