16 June 2011

My Baking Attempt #5 & #6 - Failed Chocolate chip cookies & Succeeded Brownies

we talked abt how much is enuff. i contemplated the definitive words like success, passion, and seriously.. wat are we doing with our lives. we were probably throwing mud into the sky and seeing if it randomly falls into the pithole that fits. i guess we hit some points here & there, tho' not everywhere. once in awhile you meet someone intentionally, unintentionally that causes you to act impulsive, think aggressive, battle fierce...

sometimes you meet someone and you fall, you just fall deep down in love.

At times we succeed, while other times we fail...

...my other baking attempts in the month of Feb'11, following fr attempt #4, these are like everythin else in life.. the failed and successful attempts =)

Chocolate Chip cookies. Dun ask me why it's so white. It's already cooked lah! But it jus doesn't brown! The base would be burnt if left any longer. Since it failed, i shouldn't offer the recipe link.

Baked on the same day, these brownies were as good as they look! http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/chocolate-recipes/bloomin-brilliant-brownies

I wish i have more time to post. But i guess less time during this period does mean good things are coming my way to keep me meaningfully busy =) Promise to post up one more for tis weekend, till then.

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