06 June 2011

Happie Birthday to my 好朋友 (Ho Peng You!)

After David's birthday last week, i have another 'surprise' birthday cake to bake tis weekend. Honestly, it's was kinda stressful when you hv some papers to sit for and a launch to prepare but nonetheless, it always end up very satisfying when you are put to the test of proper time-management and able to complete everything (pretty) well eventually. Glad i pulled thru tis week *phew.. right now i'm writing tis 5mins before midnite, before we hit another brand new week... which is really gonna be life-changing for me as i'll be officially transferring to a new dept at work. i'm excited as well as anxious on the new ropes to be learnt and the new team i'll be managing and working alongside. i look forward to changes as they come inevitably and brace myself for the new challenges ahead. Sometimes we need to exercise abit of discomfort. Get abit uncomfortable, abit stretched, that's how we grow.. hopefully, abit better.

i baked tis mixed fruits cake for my HPY, fondly known as Ho Peng You, 好朋友 in hokkien... hahaa.. she mentioned she loves mixed fruits cake wif lots of cream.. so tis was the best i could managed in the few hours on saturday nite. The cake was really not ideal )= which you will get to see why later. It's largely due to the lack of skills on my part + the unreliability of the recipe i got from a random blog. As such, i will not be posting up the recipe link as i'm still uncertain how/where exactly went wrong during the whole baking process. Luckily i had finger sponges at home (initially wanted to make tiramisu too) which managed to salvage the whole cake to make it look pretty. Doesn't taste nice never mind, but must at least look pretty. Hahaa. They say appearance is not everything.

But it's the VERY 1st thing!!! =p

interesting ingredient in it - 95g of marzipan. Which i went to buy a small plastic tub of 1kg. Save the rest for another day.

urgh. So ugly.

for the cream filling.

Tried to get as many fruits as i can wif the limited shopping time. Bought 500gms of frozen raspberries from Phoon Huat.. if not, where to get from the neighbourhood man...

sticking them close to the edge coz the idea is to just lift the bottomless cake tin off & exhibit a clean-cut side view of cream & cut fruits... but....

texture of cream was bad, the cake sponge was bad.. i was tired.. and everythin went bad..

Still, i managed to cheat abit here and there.. put 'em nicely together coz there's no time to redo any part... where it lacks in taste, let's ace in appearance.. sounds very bimbo but, who cares??!!! =p

Ta da!

LF, HPY & Wen - us at Spices Cafe, Concorde Hotel tis noon.

she dislikes my makeshift banner.. haha.. but hey, i really hv no time!! i promise i make a better one for you next year lah (: 

ask you to make a wish, not Gong Xi Fa Cai lehhh

Another year older, another year wiser, another year of happiness awaits =) Huat ar!!!!!!!!!!!!

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