30 June 2011

Peach Danish PinWheels for the Aspiring Bakers#8 =)

Pastry cream

suppose to bake them on tray but i ran out of patchment paper!! Hence used these baking tins instead =(



To save time, anyhow fold lah

My sweet Danish Pinwheel. Luv it.
I'm submitting this (4th & my last entry) to the Aspiring Bakers #8 for June 2011 =)
For recipe to prep the danish dough, pls view the recipe pics here. For the finer details on how to get the pinwheel shape & make the pastry cream (the canned peach slices shld be idiot-proof rite?), pls click to enlarge the following pics. (sorrie! simply no time to type them out!)


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