02 July 2011

Thank you Laudene =)

my dearest Daddy'O went to the post office to collect tis heavy parcel for me on 17th June. i didn't knw wat was sent to me for i did not order anythin more online (save for my recent ipad2 purchase =p) and no one was home to receive tis on the 16th. Daddy dearest told me he was the first man standing outside the post office that morning waiting for this.
My dad has done many wonderous things for me tis lifetime.
He is and will forever be the man of my life.
I hvn't the time to write abt this but i really think it's somethin i wanna share (no matter hw short tis entry will be), for a gift like tis doesn't come by everyday and only happens becoz others see the change in me (my new hobby in baking only started in feb tis year) and henceforth, inspired tis (due?) reward. Or i'd like to think so =)
i cannot express my delight and surprise when i received tis on hand. Many cookbooks money can buy, but from an old fren i knew since 18 (yes, i'm, uhem, 32 nw) and hv been apart all these years (managed to visit her & hub in california, Jan tis yr).. it's somethin not often.

as i slowly peel open... i wanted to contain my experience. i dunno abt you, but every girl loves pressies... and erm, flowers (even if we deny in straight face =p)

Not one, but two!!

*CAKE POPS by BAKERELLA, the cake pops DIVA!!!*
Tartine, San Francisco-inspired.
Laudene & i had a great few days in SFO in jan tis year =)

jus wanna sneak in some cute pics to share

tis was a colored pic, but when i think of marriage, i think of eternity and growing old together. Hence photoshop-ed it to black/white. Cheers to growing grey together =)

Thanks Dene, it made my day.. and more baking days to come =) *muaks*


  1. that really is a cute book! haven't tried making cake pops yet but will try soon!

  2. Any preference in design or flavor? I could flip thru my new book & pull out some ideas/recipes for u, that should get u going? =D